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If you are looking for car insurance in British Columbia, start by finding an Autoplan broker near you ( can help you with this). ICBC’s Autoplan is sold through auto insurance brokers throughout the province, as all vehicles insured in BC are required to carry certain minimum coverages through ICBC. Like Megson FitzPatrick, many of these Autoplan brokers also sell private car insurance, which can be a competitive way to purchase optional auto insurance coverages. Optional vehicle insurance coverages include collision, comprehensive (e.g. fire, theft, vandalism), roadside assistance and loss of use, and increased third-party liability limits. To get auto insurance quotes, call an Autoplan broker in BC. To buy car insurance, you will need to visit a car insurance broker in person.

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Policies effective September 1, 2019 or later, ICBC has shifted to a driver-based model and you will now be asked to list the drivers of your vehicle.

When you come in to renew you will need the following:

  • The driver’s license numbers and dates of birth for each driver you are listing on your policy;
  • To identify the principal driver of the listed drivers;
  • A photo of the current odometer reading (if your car is being driven less than 5,000 km/year).

To learn more about the changes and use the interactive tool to see how adding drivers impacts premium, click here!