Auto Hibernation: Storing Your Motorcycles and Other Seasonal Vehicles

Winter is coming, or so the internet keeps saying. In Victoria, where the temperature has dropped to 14 degrees, people are getting out their puffy down coats, and donning their toques for the brief walk from building to car.  With our cold-aversion (and the rest of the province’s actual cold), our transportation needs change in the fall and winter. If you have a vehicle you insure only in the warmer months, and store in the cooler ones, you will want

Weeding Out the Confusion: Cannabis and Home Insurance

Last October, the insurance industry was abuzz with theories, worries, and wonderings about the impact of the legalization of recreational cannabis use in Canada: Would insurers exclude coverage for cannabis-related damage? What happens if clients grow more than is permitted by law? Would houses’ electrical systems be altered to facilitate the growing? Would municipal by-laws change to protect the public? Would the rest of the country smell like Victoria now?!

As we near the one-year anniversary of the legalization

New Buzzword, New Coverage You Need: Cyber Insurance and Your Business

Cyber floats around the boardroom now like synergies and paradigm shift did five years ago – they are not exactly meaningless words and phrases, but they are vague enough to be easily ignored. I am not here to tell you what to do with corporate jargon, but I will point out that overlooking cyber means overlooking cybersecurity, which puts you and your business at risk.

Everyone should be aware of cybersecurity practices, and the implications of cyberattacks, but it is

ICBC Update: Individual Driver Factor

ICBC is all over the news again, and no one is surprised. Next to a sense of geographic self-righteousness (we all whisper “West Coast Best Coast” to ourselves as we fall asleep, don’t we?), ICBC in the news is the most consistent thing about this province.  But it’s different this time: it’s not a report on numbers, nor a proposed rate increase; it’s not a call for privatization.  It’s a rate redesign, and it may lower your annual premiums and

Why It Matters: Home Insurance and Your Credit Score

If you purchased a home or condo insurance policy lately, you were likely asked to consent to the insurance company using your credit score to help determine your premium. Perhaps the question didn’t surprise you since so many businesses require your credit score, but did you wonder why? Why would an insurance company give you a discount for having a good credit score?

For many years now, insurance companies have offered the option to use your credit score as a

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