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Megson FitzPatrick is pleased to provide a specialized insurance program designed exclusively for members of LandlordBC. As the insurance provider of choice for LandlordBC, our program recognizes that members are responsible landlords, allowing us to provide broader coverage at very competitive rates.

Program Eligibility:

  • You must be a LandlordBC Association member and each property must be registered with the association – Contact LandlordBC at 1.888.330.6707 or to discuss enrollment eligibility.
  • Available for residential rental properties anywhere in British Columbia.
  • Oil Tanks – above ground less than 20 years old – quote available for older tanks, subject to new tank being installed within 30 days.
  • Designed for buildings containing six or less self-contained residential rental units. (Ask us about similar coverage for larger buildings).
  • Coverage NOT available for rooming houses defined as one self-contained unit with multiple unrelated tenants (i.e. various people, each occupying a bedroom and sharing the rest of the unit-each paying rent).


  • All-risks property coverage, except as excluded in policy wordings.
  • Building sum insured covering for full replacement cost. Guaranteed Replacement Cost may be available, please ask for details.
  • 110% Margin Clause – applied to outbuildings, contents and rental income. Also applied to building when replacement cost applies.
  • Allowance for up to 10% of the building sum insured to be applied to rental contents (i.e. appliances, window coverings, etc.) and/or rental income. These extensions are included in total value and DO NOT increase the amount payable under the policy.
  • Damage to rental contents valued on a replacement cost basis.
  • Loss of gross rental income arising from an insured peril – up to a 12-month period. Option to increase to 18 and 24 months.
  • Damage to outbuildings, garages and sheds insured to 10% of the building sum insured. This extension increased the total amount payable under the policy.
  • Deductible – $500 for standard risks.
  • Water damage – subject to $1,000 deductible.
  • Illegal substance activity extension – $50,000 maximum limit.
  • Debris removal extension included in sum insured
  • Increased costs due to by-laws extension – $50,000 maximum limit.
  • Damage caused by tenant vandalism.
  • Commercial general liability – $5,000,000 total limit
  • Pollution liability extension – $10,000 maximum limit

Optional Program Coverage:

  • Earthquake – subject to 10% deductible.
  • Flood – subject to $10,000 deductible.
  • Sewer and drain backup – subject to $1,000 deductible.
  • Vacancy permits.
  • Increased coverage for contents, rental income or outbuilding.

Contact our LandlordBC Specialist Mike Nichol today to learn more or to request your free Landlord Guide. The landlord guide is a great resource, full of tips on how to deal with tenants, minimize lawsuits, finding and retaining the ideal tenants and more.

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