Whats should you have available before reporting a claim?
  1. Your insurance policy number and the date of the incident
  2. Any photos you have
  3. Police reports
  4. Any correspondence relating to the claim
  5. Location of the incident
  6. Names and contacts of any service providers you used to assist you
  7. Any invoices or list of costs you may have incurred
  8. Receipts for lost or damaged items
  9. Contact information where you can be reached
How will a claim affect my insurance premium?

Your premium is determined by a number of factors, which include your claims history. Since every scenario is different, you will need to discuss this with your broker to get more information.

How is the payout of my claim determined?

Our claims professionals will work with you to go through the details of the incident and research the costs to repair or replace your damaged property. We will then review your policy to determine how much of your claim can be paid based on your coverage. If for any reason your loss isn’t covered, we will discuss your options at that time.

How long will it take to settle my claim?

We would all like to see your claim settled as quickly as possible, but how long depends on a number of factors.  Some claims can be closed within one phone call, whereas some of the more complex ones can take much longer. The best way to speed up your claim is to provide as much information to us as quickly as possible so that we can start working with you towards the proper resolution of your claim.

Megson FitzPatrick Claims Advantage

We believe Claims Advocacy is possibly the most important element of any brokers offering to a client.   Included with your policy premium our dedicated claims professionals provide claims advocacy and expertise to help you achieve the best possible settlement in a prompt and fair process.

The bottom line is we all buy insurance to provide protection in the event we experience a loss or claim.  The truth is experiencing a claim can be overwhelming and the thought of making a claim can seem daunting.  There are many things to consider and often you are working alone with your insurer in the settlement of your claim.   For these reasons and more Megson FitzPatrick decided to invest in creating a Dedicated Claims Division.  We are one of the few brokers who provide full time claims professionals to help our clients navigate the claims process.


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